How to prevent Breast Cancer with timely self-examination

With ongoing research to recognize the exact factors that cause Breast Cancer, various ways and means to spread awareness about it and prevention methods have been put into action. One of them being hygiene and breast self-examination.

Like any other body part, even breasts have to be looked after. Being health-conscious by following the necessary precautions, one can side step the complication of the deadly disease. While there may be a few procedures for its treatment, the certainty of these methods is doubtful as this disease can occur again. Therefore, the only way out is to be well-acquainted with the necessary knowledge on the subject. One such method is self-examination of breasts at home.

Guidelines for self-examination

This method is extremely simple and, when followed regularly, will provide you with relevant information about the health of your breasts. It is natural that women hesitate to reveal their breasts to a concerned doctor for checkup. Therefore, a much easier approach to examine your breast is by doing it yourself at home. With a good view of your reflection in the mirror, you can examine your breasts with the help of guidelines on self-examination. This will lead to preventionor early detection of the ailment, thereby proper care can be administered in time.

One of the best ways to ascertain whether your breasts are healthy or not, is by looking at them with attention. A good look at their size and texture can help you detect any possible issues. Some of the following tips can be helpful in the examination of your breast at home.

Tips for self-examination

The best approach to examine the breasts at home is by holding your arms above your head. You can check them by placing your hands on hips and leaning over. Moreover, this examination can be carried out during your monthly periods.