Evolution of Getwell

Started with a limited set of resources, but clear vision, Getwell has stood the test of time. Since 1985, Getwell has thrived to deliver the highest quality pharmaceutical products and hence is continuing to do so.

  1. The Beginning

    The journey started with a relatively smaller capacity at leased premises. It started with the manufacturing of sterile preparations of ophthalmology and other general products. As with all journeys, it started small with a total team size of only eight persons and manufacturing capacity of less than 1mn units per year.

  2. The Beginning

    After the initial teething phase, Getwell soon started gathering encouraging acceptance for its products and, therefore, became an active supplier to Government institutions such as Army, CGHS, ESI etc.

  3. The Journey

    The thinker, our founder, laid the foundation for the first wholly-owned manufacturing facility in Gurgaon, Haryana (India).

    The facility was commissioned with a capacity to manufacture more than 3 million units of vials/ampoules. It had the necessary infrastructure to manufacture sterile liquid vials, ampoules and powder vials.

  4. The Journey (Continues)

    The year that paved the way for Getwell into the Oncology space. Getwell and Dabur Pharma Ltd. (now Fresenius-Kabi Oncology Pvt. Ltd.) signed a manufacturing agreement, which decided that Getwell would be manufacturing six of Dabur’s oncology brands including Ledoxan®, Fivoflu®, Leucovorin Calcium, Ipamide® and Mesna for both India and certain international markets.

  5. The Journey (Continues)

    Further expanded into oncology products by being the contract manufacturer for Cipla for its brands including Neophos®, Neoflur®, Ifos® and Mesna for both India and certain international markets.

  6. The Journey (Continues)

    Getwell expanded its product portfolio into advanced level of cancer treatment, with addition of products in the category of taxanes, platinums and anthracyclines.

    Getwell further grew by manufacturing three major brands of Shantha Biotech (Now Sanofi-Aventis) including Paxytol, Doxel and Platoxin for its India market.

  7. The Journey (Continues)

    Collaborated with Manipal University for joint R&D of two novel drug delivery formulations of anthracycline & Taxane compounds.

  8. The Journey (Continues)

    Eyeing international markets, Getwell revamped its facility to comply with WHO-GMP norms and thus received WHO-GMP certification, after being audited by CDSCO.

  9. The Journey (Continues)

    Cleared the first International audit of CD&DA, Sri Lanka

    Added the lyophilization capability in the manufacturing facility and thus began manufacturing of Gemcitabine, Epirubicin and Doxorubicin as the initial lyophilized formulations.

  10. The Journey (Continues)

    Collaboration with Manipal University in 2006 resulted in the launch of Getwell’s first indigenously developed NDDS product I-Dox® - Pegylated Liposome Doxorubicin Injection in India.

  11. The Journey (Continues)

    Neomib® - Bortezomib for Injection was launched

    Getwell received approval from DDA, Nepal and launched more than twenty-five (25) of its products

    Docetel™ - Docetaxel for Injection (Lyophilized) launched.

  12. The Journey (Continues)

    Received approval from PPB, Kenya and launched Pacliwel®, Taxewell®, Zoldron™ and Cyphos™

  13. The Journey (Continues)

    Received approval from PRA, Zambia

    Getwell received approval from FDA, Uzbekistan and launched Cyphos™, Ftoracil, Zoldron™.

    Getwell received multiple product registrations from DAV, Vietnam - Taxewell®, Tipakwell and Xorunwell

    Pemetra™- Pemetrexed Disodium for Injection was launched in the Indian market.

  14. The Journey (Continues)

    Getwell got multiple product registration from FDA, Philippines

    Received GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) certification from FDA, Haryana

    Bendawel™– Bendamustince Hcl for Injection was launched in the Indian market;

    Received mulitple product registration in Cambodia – Cyphos, Platicin™, Leucowel®, Gemcit™

    Decima™ – Decitabine for Injection was launched in the Indian Market.

  15. The Journey (Continues)

    Getwell received approval from FDA, Yemen

    Multiple product registration in Mongolia – Epiruba™, Gemcit™, Platicin™, Pacliwel®, Leucowel® and Doxoruba®

    Received pre-qualification as vendor for MOH, Mauritius and Madagascar.

  16. The Journey (Continues)

    Getwell got approved from FDA, Kazakhstan.

    Getwell received two product registrations in Kyrgyzstan – Doxoruba, Cyphos

    Getwell received multiple product registrations in Guatemala – Etopa®, Tinowel™ and Idox®

    Taxe-RTU™ – Docetaxel Injection (One vial formulation) launched in the Indian market

  17. The Journey (Continues)

    Received registration in Georgia for Pemetra™, Neomib® and Idox®

    Megetra™ – Megesterol Acetate Tablets launched in the India market for the treatment of Anorexia and Cachexia

    Ulacta™ – Urea and lactic acid cream launched in the India market for the treatment of Hand-foot syndrome

    Temzol™ Inj – Temozolamide for Inj launched in the India market

    Getwell got approved from NAFDAC, Nigeria and registered three products – Pacliwel®, Gemcit™ and Doxoruba®.

"Delivering a quality product is no rocket science. It just requires an honest intent and zero compromise on fundamentals. Rest everything falls into place."

Manas Tandon