Partner FAQ's

Get to know how to store oncology products and maintain efficacy to their maximum

All receiving-dock workers should receive training in the proper handling of cytotoxic drugs. The receiving-dock workers should check the integrity of the external packaging upon receipt.

The receiving-dock or store room workers should not open the delivery containers. The delivery containers should be handled with care to avoid breakage of the cytotoxic drug containers and not be left unattended in a corridor.

Damaged containers should be handled as if they were spills. The manufacturer should be notified if a container is received in a damaged state.

There should be an unpacking area in a separate area to limit exposure risks. The unpacking area should be a separate dedicated space, separate from eating areas and preferably a separate room. There should be adequate ventilation in the area, negative pressure, and preferably vented to the outside . A receptacle for cytotoxic waste should be available in the unpacking area for the disposal of secondary packaging

Workers at risk of exposure should wear a protective gown and 2 pairs of gloves when unpacking and cleaning cytotoxic drugs, from the opening of the external packaging to the placing of the secondary or primary packaging (or both) in their storage space.

Storage areas must be cleaned at least every 30 days with detergent solution. Diluted bleach solution may also be used if the container is resistant to damage from bleach. Wipe, don’t spray, HD storage bins.

Special storage conditions (temperature, humidity, others) required for the cold chain products , should be provided, checked, monitored and recorded to maintain product quality, safety and efficacy.