Global & National Presence

We are one of the oldest anti-cancer drug formulation companies in India. We are the suppliers of major oncology drugs worldwide. With the presence in three continents, we bent on to expand our reach by pioneering our pharmaceutical faculties.


Founded in 1985, Getwell paved its way into the global oncology space from the year 2010. It has a history of dedicated service in the production of anti-cancer drug suppliers internationally. Within a short span of 5 years, we penetrated the global market and developed innovative partnership strategies. Our stringent quality norms commensurate to our success and indicates a healthy and long relationship with other countries.

Getwell also envisions spearheading the process to expand its geographical presence. However, our presence in three continents is akin to our reach and acceptability at various levels in the market.

Dedicated Oncology Facility

Getwell takes pride of its reputation as a leading oncological manufacturing company in India. We have an extremely targeted approach towards the research and development of anti-cancer medicines. Tablets, Capsules, Liquid and Lyophilised injections are all manufactured in India under a simple umbrella system here at Getwell.

Certified Company

Getwell Pharmaceuticals is a WHO-GMP certified company which is a testimony of its quality standards. We are also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


Getwell Pharmaceuticals is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure. We have had success in creating innovative drugs using various pre-existing drugs to increase their response and effectiveness when used in cancer cure. In-house microbiology, chemistry and instrumentation labs provide a huge motivation for people at Getwell to create an onco-generic formulation which can enhance the lives of patients.


We have an undraining passion to serve and provide the best bio-technical medicine in the cancer treatment. Engaged at various levels, in creating awareness, organizing events and to present innovative solutions demonstrates our unwavering vision to surrender ourselves in the service of others.

"At Getwell, our endeavour remains to lend a strong support to the community working to tackle the growing cancer occurrence by ensuring timely supply of the affordable and reliable oncology generics."

Rakesh Dwivedi

VP-International Business