Cancer is a disease of hope and optimism. Innovation for us begins with identifying the gaps the caregiver is facing, whether the physician or a family relative, which thus guides us in improvising on our products to provide a better one. We strongly believe that if a slight modification in the product offering can bring a significant positive difference to the patient, then it is worth exploring and achieving without much disruption in the economics of the therapy.

Innovation Goals

Improving patient compliance by developing drug delivery platforms of already existing products that aid in reducing drug’s toxic side effects and/or reduce exposure of cytotoxic drug towards healthy cells. E.g. Liposomes, Nanoparticle and binding with bio-compatible drug carriers.
Enhancing efficacy by reducing administration errors. This can be achieved by simplifying storage conditions from cold storage to being stable at room temperature and/or by reducing the steps of reconstitution.

Key Products Developed and Commercialized

I-Dox® – Doxorubicin Hcl Liposome Injection (As Pegylated Liposome)

Using an age old well-proven anthracycline drug, Doxorubicin, as an active compound, coating with compatible lipids and reducing its size to less than 100nm, thus leading to a highly efficient targeted delivery in cases of platinum sensitive recurrent ovarian carcinoma, metastatic breast cancer and AIDS- related Kaposi sarcoma.
Representation(s): 20mg/10ml, 50mg/25ml




Taxe-RTU® – Docetaxel Injection

One Vial Formulation.Ready to add to infusion solution. Stable at room temperature.
Representation(s): 20ml/ml, 80mg/4ml, 120mg/6ml


Lyophilization of complex compounds, such as

Innovation Pipeline

  • Paclitaxel Injection (Albumin bound) in Nanoparticle form 100mg
    Brand Equivalent: Abraxane
  • Azacitidine for Injection 100mg
    Brand Equivalent: Vidaza
  • Carmustine for Injection 100mg
    Brand Equivalent: BiCNU