Partner With Getwell

At Getwell, we believe that a paradigm shifting change cannot happen unless we collaborate and work towards a common goal. Thus, at Getwell, we value partnerships. We feel that it is significant for like minded people to work together towards a shared vision. We welcome all, people from academia, medical fraternity, Government agencies, business groups and local community to partner with us for creating a win-win situation.

What we look for

  • We, as an ethical professional group, feel it is extremely crucial for us and our partners to work with a sense of ownership.
  • We plan to work towards achieving a quality life for our customers.

R&D Space

We plan to increase our intellectual base with high value research and development contributors who can present innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes.



Our aim is to supply world-class oncology products without any geographic discrimination. In this direction, we are looking for both in and out licensing partners. We are well-equipped to take up complementary products, preferably from its initial stages of development to its commercialization.


Contract Manufacturing

Possessing both compliance and expertise in manufacturing of complex oncology generics since last two decades, Getwell can be considered as a key strategic partner for manufacturing onco-generics even in the most regulated scenarios.


Cross-Functional Partnerships

We would be keen to explore areas including diagnostics, medical devices, insurance and IT where as a team, so as to achieve various health and regulatory aspects , thus bringing meaningful value to the patients and healthcare institutions.



We believe in creating an ecosystem which is capable of producing world’s best 

Our business model transcends from the conventional in-house infrastructure. We believe in a more globalized approach and, hence, encourage outsourcing services which can help us deliver the best in industry.

We encourage participation at all levels

Do you have an idea to improve an existing product? Do you wish to expand our market base with your attractive business model? Are you willing to collaborate to create a market of our own? If yes, we would definitely like to hear from you.

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