Manas Tandon


"Delivering a quality product is no rocket science. It just requires an honest intent and zero compromise on fundamentals. Rest everything falls into place."

Mr. Manas Tandon completed his post-graduation in pharmacy from Manipal University. He then went on to work in different departments like production, quality control, sales and marketing for 3 years, until being completely inducted into the senior management to expand the company’s business operations. Handing over the reins of the operations of a company as huge as Getwell to the next generation wasn’t so simple and predetermined.

However, he was instrumental to make the company enter the international markets and launch newer products. With his dedication and strong headedness, Mr. Manas Tandon, launched Getwell’s most prestigious brand, “I-Dox”. Now, with more than a decade of experience, strong ethics and innovative ideas, he is spearheading the company to take it to better and higher levels of growth and success.